Sep 16, 2021 • 2M

Crows Calling At Night / For Wang Lun / Hearing A Flute On A Spring Night In Luoyang / Laolao Ting Pavilion

by Li Bai

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A variety of things, read to you by Colin Wright.
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Poems by Li Bai (701-762)

Crows Calling at Night

Yellow clouds beside the walls; crows near the tower.
Flying back, they caw, caw; calling in the boughs.
In the loom she weaves brocade, the Qin river girl.
Made of emerald yarn like mist, the window hides her words.
She stops the shuttle, sorrowful, and thinks of the distant man.
She stays alone in the lonely room, her tears just like the rain.

For Wang Lun

Li Bai is already on the boat, preparing to depart,
I suddenly hear the sound of stamping and singing on the shore.
The water of Taohua pond reaches a thousand feet in depth,
But still it's not as deep as Wang Lun's feelings seeing me off.

Hearing a Flute on a Spring Night in Luoyang

From whose home secretly flies the sound of a jade flute?
It's lost amid the spring wind which fills Luoyang city.
In the middle of this nocturne I remember the snapped willow,
What person would not start to think of home!

Laolao Ting Pavilion

What place under heaven most hurts the heart?
Laolao Ting, for seeing visitors off.
The spring wind knows how bitter it is to part,
The willow twig will never again be green.