Nov 3, 2021 • 1M

Sent to Du Fu Below Shaqiu City / Sitting Alone On Jingting Shan Hill / Staying the Night at a Mountain Temple

by Li Bai

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A variety of things, read to you by Colin Wright.
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Poems by Li Bai (701-762)

Sent to Du Fu below Shaqiu City

What is it that I've come to now?
High before me: Shaqiu city.
Beside the city, ancient trees;
The sunset joins the autumn sounds.
The Lu wine cannot make me drunk,
Despite Qi's songs, my feelings return.
My thoughts of you are like the Wen's waters,
Mightily sent on their southern journey.

Sitting Alone on Jingting Shan Hill

A flock of birds is flying high in the distance,
A lonely cloud drifts idly on its own.
We gaze at each other, neither growing tired,
There is only Jingting Shan.

Staying the Night at a Mountain Temple

The high tower is a hundred feet tall,
From here one's hand could pluck the stars.
I do not dare to speak in a loud voice,
I fear to disturb the people in heaven.